What is Aim Barley Life?????

Disclosure, I am not a doctor or nutritionist, please do your own research on these products. Seek medical advice if need be.

(Independent Distributer Of Aim International Inc.)

Hello again !!!!

   Today I thought I would discuss nutritional supplements and what brand I use.
If you Haven't checked out my Aim website I highly recommend you check it out! https://myaimstore.com/mattshealthyliving/ The Aim Companies have awesome all natural supplements to help every aspect of your body such as whole body, cardio, digestive, nutrition etc.. Here is a video to explain what Barley life is.

If you are looking for a supplement to help get your daily nutrition with out having to eat a bunch of fruits and veggies this is great for making smoothies or taking it in pill form. They even have Cocoa Leaf Greens which is a great way to get your kids the nutrition they need and they think its just chocolate milk !!!! Some times us parents have to be sneaky to get those kiddos to eat their veggies. Personally our family likes the Barley Life, it comes in a powder or pill form . We love to mix the powder in a smoothie with the Pro Peas and almond milk. Not only is it very filling like a meal but it alkalizes, cleanses and reduces inflammation in your body. And when you are taking this daily it reduces your chances of getting sick.  It  is great for gargling when you start to get a sore throat and totally gets rid of it.  My husband swears by this stuff, he uses it every time his throat starts to hurt. Just imagine the benefits of taking your health into your own hands. Less illnesses for you and your family and less doctor visits. You will feel more energized and less stressed when you get your nutrition in order. And when your family is happy and healthy what more could you ask for? I hope you find this information helpful and go check out my website. If you are interested in signing up to purchase Aim products please become a wholesale member you will receive product at wholesale price you can't beat that! If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me. God Bless!




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