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Back to Homeschool!!

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Hello Everyone,

          Well, we are rounding out our 2018 -2019 school year with only 10 days of school left. Yay!!! My kids are so excited to finish their books and get ready for a new year. This year I have decided to switch my youngest daughter's curriculum up a little. Why you ask??? Well, I feel that she needs to be a little more challenged and is very capable of doing more formal schooling. For instance like a workbook style. She has been using my curriculum A Christian Delight Directed Curriculum which has worked out great for the last several years. But she learns well and catches on quickly in a workbook style where the pages and instructions are all there and all she has to do is open and go. So we will be trying out the Flash Kids curriculum this year and will see how she does. She is very excite…

4-H and Kids!


Hey everyone!

Today I finally feel like I can breathe. We have been so busy with 4-H and now that fair is over its time to relax. I wanted to talk a little bit about 4-h and why I think it is such an awesome project for kids to do. I personally have never done 4-h as a kid but we decided to sign my middle daughter up because she is such and animal lover and felt it would be a great outlet for her. Let me just say she has found her calling and totally loves doing this. This is her second year doing 4- h and she decided to raise a market goat again. One reason I like 4- h is because you sign up and have meetings and book learning through out the year but the actual raising of the animal is about 5 months. This is perfect for my daughter you usually tires of taking care of her goat by the time fair rolls around. Don't get me wrong she loves her goat so much and actually the hardest part about raising market goats is that you have to auction them off at the end of fair. It'…