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A Tailored Education

A Tailored Education
Well it's something ever homeschool parent faces year after year. The search for the perfect curriculum. Are you guilty of ordering a curriculum that you planned on using year after year through all of your kids only to find out it worked for one and not the other? Your not alone. I remember when I first started homeschooling my son, I purchased Abeka. I loved Abeka and still do. He did great in it and so when my middle daughter was school age we jumped right in with Abeka. First it started out ok but then the trouble began. My daughter was struggling with phonics and reading and I started pulling my hair out! Why wasn't this curriculum working ? I though I was failing my daughter because she wasn't  understanding phonics and was really struggling to read. So after lots of prayer I came to the conclusion that Abeka was not for her. What was I going to do? I searched the internet over for a curriculum that would work for her needs. This began my journe…

Homeschool Rhythm- Why you need it!

Hello Friends,
Well, once again I woke up to grumpy kids not wanting to do school. Are you like me, do you struggle with getting your day going especially if you homeschool? Well, that is why a homeschool Daily Rhythm is so important. Not only will you feel more relaxed but so will your kids. 
What is a homeschool rhythm? Well, it is how your day starts and ends and everything in between. How it ebbs and flows. Most of us have a rhythm to our days and we may not even know it. But is our rhythm hectic or peaceful? This is what I want to emphasize on today, making a peaceful homeschool rhythm. Many of us have a routine which in a way is a rhythm. We may wake up, eat breakfast, do some chores and start school. But is it peaceful? I know sometimes my mornings are so hectic and the kids are so grumpy it sets the mood for the entire day. This is just stressful, it makes me feel so sad that the day did not go as planned and the atmosphere was gloomy.  So how can we make a better rhythm to ou…

Easiest way to homeschool multiple children!

Easiest Way to Homeschool Multiple Children

Hey friends,

Today I want to share with all you homeschoolers out there one of the easiest ways to homeschool multiple children in different grades. I feel like I have some insight on this because I have children who are in different grades and homeschool them at the same time.  First of all, if you have children that are close to the same grade or learning level, this is a cinch. You will want to take the Charlotte Mason approach to homeschool which I have down when my girls were at a closer learning level. It's great to incorporate science, history, even language arts when your children are at the same level because the great thing about this is that you can read aloud the lesson or story discuss it out loud with the kids, then have them independently do some writing or worksheet at their level pertaining to the lesson. Also, I feel children learn better when listening to a story or lesson and then verbally discussing it. When your chi…

Do your Circumstances define you?

Mansion...........or................cottage? Whatever your circumstances are, be blessed and content!

Do you live in a big house? Do you live in a trailer? Do you have a lot of money or a little bit of money?

  Do your circumstances define who you are or does your outlook on your circumstances define you? 
This is what came to me today as I was looking around at where I live and what I have. Some people
may think that I live meagerly or don't have nice things. We live in a small home that is about 1400 sq ft. with three bedrooms in which my two girls share one of those rooms. It is not a new home but a fixer-upper which still has lots of fixing to do. We drive used cars, nice cars but used.  We buy clothes from the thrift stores and my dishes are from a yard sale. I own the same shirts that I got handed down to me over 5 years ago and if I am being honest probably longer than that. We wear our shoes until we absolutely need a new pair and the same with our jeans. Now I could look a…

Merry Christmas From The Humble Homestead!

Merry Christmas

It's that time of year!
Time to embrace the Christmas Season and all its hustle and bustle. But let's not forget the real reason we celebrate Christ-mas. We have so much to be grateful for and especially the birth of our Saviour. As the commercials promote buying cars and expensive jewelry as a Christmas gift for a loved one let's remember that celebrating our Saviour doesn't cost a thing. That spending time, baking cookies, or playing board games with our family doesn't cost a thing either. We tend to get so caught up in the gift-giving that we forget what we should really be dwelling on and that is LOVE! The Love that Jesus gives us freely if we will just let him into our lives and the Love we get from family. I am at fault for getting caught up in the gift-giving and trying to give my kids a nice Christmas there is nothing wrong with that as long as you don't go into debt for it. But the Lord quickens my spirit when I start getting overwhelmed …