Easiest way to homeschool multiple children!

Easiest Way to Homeschool Multiple Children

Hey friends,

Today I want to share with all you homeschoolers out there one of the easiest ways to homeschool multiple children in different grades. I feel like I have some insight on this because I have children who are in different grades and homeschool them at the same time.  First of all, if you have children that are close to the same grade or learning level, this is a cinch. You will want to take the Charlotte Mason approach to homeschool which I have down when my girls were at a closer learning level. It's great to incorporate science, history, even language arts when your children are at the same level because the great thing about this is that you can read aloud the lesson or story discuss it out loud with the kids, then have them independently do some writing or worksheet at their level pertaining to the lesson. Also, I feel children learn better when listening to a story or lesson and then verbally discussing it. When your children are at different learning levels the way I have found that helps me teach each child is to give one child or children subjects that you know they can work on independently while you help the other children with the subjects they need help on. Once your done helping that child with the tougher subject then give them something to work on independently while you move on to the next child. Are you busy running around the house helping everyone? Well yes, you are but you can feel confident that you are helping each child in his or her subjects that are harder to understand. I have to admit that over the 12 years that I have been homeschooling my approach has changed. When my children were younger it was easy to do Charlotte Mason style but as they progressed and got older I have had to change my approach. Don't ever let yourself feel stuck if a style or curriculum isn't working for you or your children. That's the blessing of homeschooling. You can pick and choose how and what you do in your homeschool. You also want to make sure that your children are progressing. You may think that your child is behind or not at the same speed as your other children but that is ok. Let's remember why we homeschool... To give an individualized education to each child specializing in the curriculum to his or her needs. Focus on the three R's and you can't go wrong.  If you are interested in having a more relaxed homeschool be sure to check out my curriculum books A Christian Delight Directed Curriculum. These books are laid out so simply that all you do is gather books that interest your child and start at day one. No more lesson planning for the year. Each book contains 90 days of school so when you purchase books one and two you have a 180 day school year. Add in your own math curriculum and you have a full delight directed school year. My 7th-grade daughter has been using my curriculum books since the end of 5th grade and loves them. It allows her to have an individualized education while studying subjects she likes. I hope this encourages parents that want to homeschool or parents that are already homeschooling but feeling overwhelmed. Your child deserves the best education that only you can give them without the pressures of the public school system and common core curriculum in our schools today. BE BOLD, BE BRAVE AND BE BLESSED! And Happy Homeschooling!


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