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Why Essential Oils?

Disclaimer I am not a doctor but just a mother and wife who looks for alternatives to healing my family this is my personal opinion of essential oils. 

Hello There!

I am so happy to share with everyone about a wonderful way to stay healthy, and how my family is benefiting from it. I have always been the type of person to steer clear of medications and over the counter drugs. I know that sometimes they are needed and I am not saying that I never take and Ibuprofen. I'm just saying that if I can avoid it I do! So now here I am a mother of 3 and want whats best for my kids. Along with prayer and pleaing the blood of Jesus over my family  I have started using essential oils more and more to heal my family emotionally and physically.  I know that in a previous post I talk about essential oils but just recently I have discovered that not all oils are the same. That made a huge impact on me and what brand of oils I now choose. I have discovered that just because an oil says it is 100% th…