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Unplanned Official Trailer - In Theaters March 29

Every life counts!!!! This is a movie I believe everyone should see. Please go see it today and pray that there is an end to abortion! I was very moved by this movie and Abby Johnsons story and how God moved in her life and for her strength to tell her story about what really goes on behind closed doors!!!! Please ,please ,please if you work for an abortion company, have had an abortion are thinking about abortion or if you are a mother or father of many children, I highly recommend you watch this film and support the cause to save every life! God Bless!!!

Why I created A Delight Directed Curriculum!!!

Disclaimer: This site uses affiliate links which means, that I will earn a small commission if you click on the links and purchase something. Which helps me out! God Bless!

Hello everyone!

Today I just wanted to give a short little explanation about my curriculum books that I have created for my children. First of all, I created them specifically for my daughter that learns differently from the norm. She is a right-brained thinker and a very artistic and critical thinker. My daughter did not like the standard read and answer questions as most curriculum books are laid out this way. So I had to get creative. I realized she learned best when she was able to choose a subject that interested her, and the information stuck in her head! I was so thrilled! So I scoured the internet trying to find a curriculum that would do just what she needed. I did not find anything that I liked so I decided to create my own. And so A Christian Delight Directed Curriculum was born!!! Both of my girls use …