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Am I a Homesteader?

Todays topic....... Am I A Homesteader?

Well I have read many blogs about homesteading and what qualifies people as a homesteader. I have read blogs of people living in apartments and growing a windowsill garden to families living on 20 acres and having every animal known to man and a huge acre garden and so forth. So I ask myself, Am I a homesteader?? I will tell you why I consider myself to be a homesteader. My family and I strive to be self sufficient. No that doesn't mean we grow all our own food and can everything and live off grid , completely off the land although I would love that. I am a homesteader because I raise some chickens so my family can have eggs without added hormones.
I am no green thumb but every year we grow a garden to help feed our family even if it doesn't produce a lot.
We are raising our own grass fed beef to supply our freezer with food for the year.
As far as our animals go we have a few dogs, cats , a rat and snake to top off our homestead. I am…

Getting out of DEBT!

(Disclaimer)I am not a financial guru with lots of experience. I am just telling our story about debt and how we are trying to dig out of it! I am also an Amazon Affilitate and any link you click on will help support my blog and is greatly appreciated. Thank You

Hello everyone.

Well I am going to talk today about the dreaded word DEBT! My husband and I have been working for a long time on getting out of debt and I wish I could say we are but that's not the case. Last year we were doing very well. We sold our home and moved to a new house in the country. In doing this we were able to pay off all our debt except for the new house. It felt great, no car payments no credit cards etc. But as we all know life has other plans. First we bought a fixer upper and so things got put on the credit card again. Then my van was quitting and we needed to get a better car one with 4 wheel drive for the snow we get. So that brings us to our current status. House,car and credit card debt UGH!!! I ha…

How to keep your family healthy!

Hey everyone! Well its that time of year again when everyone gets stuffy or runny noses and the flu bug hits. There are lots of ways to stay healthy during this time and I am going to share how our family treats illnesses. A little disclaimer (I am no doctor or claim to be one I am just going to share what works for our family.) First of all we definitely try to eat as healthy as we can but still the flu sneaks in sometimes. Our family tries to avoid over the counter medicine if at all possible. To start our day we take fish oil I know this sounds gross but we have found a fish oil that even the kids enjoy taking. It is called Barleans lemon flavored fish oil and it comes in a liquid form and you just take 2 tsp a day. Another way is to use essential oils. They work wonderful, right now I use the Radha brand of 100% therapeutic oils but there are many brands to choose from. When my kids are stuffed up we rub eucalyptus oil on there necks, for headaches I rub peppermint on the back…

A Christian Delight Directed Curriculum!

After homeschooling for 10 years and trying all types of curriculum I have finally discovered that not all curriculums work for all children. My son who is in high school is a textbook style learner he learns well from reading and answering questions. My middle daughter on the other hand struggles with several subjects. This resulted in lots of unpleasant home school days. And my youngest daughter falls some where in the middle of the other two. So I decided to try Delight Directed Learning and have fallen in love with this approach. There is something satisfying about watching your child learn and retain things because it is what they wanted to learn and not forced upon them. We started out using the Thinking Tree Journals which I do love and we are finishing them up this year, but for me I just wanted a little more structure in our day. I searched and searched for a curriculum and could not find anything. So as the line from the movie (Robots) says ....."See a need fill a need…