Am I a Homesteader?

Todays topic....... Am I A Homesteader?

Well I have read many blogs about homesteading and what qualifies people as a homesteader. I have read blogs of people living in apartments and growing a windowsill garden to families living on 20 acres and having every animal known to man and a huge acre garden and so forth. So I ask myself, Am I a homesteader?? I will tell you why I consider myself to be a homesteader. My family and I strive to be self sufficient. No that doesn't mean we grow all our own food and can everything and live off grid , completely off the land although I would love that. I am a homesteader because I raise some chickens so my family can have eggs without added hormones.

I am no green thumb but every year we grow a garden to help feed our family even if it doesn't produce a lot.

We are raising our own grass fed beef to supply our freezer with food for the year.

As far as our animals go we have a few dogs, cats , a rat and snake to top off our homestead. I am not a hard core homesteader but I still call myself one because I am making steps to becoming more self sufficient and prepared for if and when hard times hit. I know some people will read this and feel that my article is dumb and others may not think that I am a true homesteader, but I feel if anyone is trying to better prepare themselves by learning homestead skills and getting back to the basics then by all means you are a homesteader. Don't give up because you don't own a sprawling 20 acre farm. You can homestead right where you are planted. Start small, grow a tomato plant, learn to can and sew, start cooking from scratch, any of these skills are worth knowing how to do. Sometimes our circumstances do not allow us to live in the mountains and raise all our own food. But just by living a frugal lifestyle you can become a homesteader. If you have a dream to own a small homestead then start taking the steps to get to that homestead. I did and I continue to grow where I'm planted with lots of ups and downs along the way. Remember your not a failure if you keep trying! I hope this post is inspiring to all who want a simple homestead lifestyle. Comment below with ways you are learning to homestead. God Bless !

I personally own the Encyclopedia of country living and will say it is full of everything you need to know to learn to homestead. I also own the canner and Ball canning book and it is great for beginner canners.

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