Getting out of DEBT!

(Disclaimer)I am not a financial guru with lots of experience. I am just telling our story about debt and how we are trying to dig out of it! I am also an Amazon Affilitate and any link you click on will help support my blog and is greatly appreciated. Thank You

Hello everyone.

Well I am going to talk today about the dreaded word DEBT! My husband and I have been working for a long time on getting out of debt and I wish I could say we are but that's not the case. Last year we were doing very well. We sold our home and moved to a new house in the country. In doing this we were able to pay off all our debt except for the new house. It felt great, no car payments no credit cards etc. But as we all know life has other plans. First we bought a fixer upper and so things got put on the credit card again. Then my van was quitting and we needed to get a better car one with 4 wheel drive for the snow we get. So that brings us to our current status. House,car and credit card debt UGH!!! I hate it. When living on a single income as we do it can get hard to pay down debt. But I am driven to find a way to do it. First of all we try to follow Dave Ramsay's envelope system which helps and budgeting every dollar we have. But sometimes it's still hard to pay down extra debt. Sometimes I get discouraged and feel there is no end in sight. We are back at baby step one which is saving 1,000 dollars for an emergency fund. I am hoping by next year to have the credit card paid off and then work on paying off my car and then we will tackle the house. It may take quite awhile to do but I am trusting in the Lord to help me stay focused and be diligent with the money we have. You are not a failure unless you stop trying. So I ask myself as a stay at home mom what can I do to help pay down debt. Simple, I can help by being frugal with the money I do have. For instance spend less on groceries and cook more from scratch. Shop at the thrift stores for clothes. Budget every penny I have and put it towards something. Try to stay home more and play games with my kids instead of going out to eat or to the movies. These are just a few ways to help save money. Right now I am in the process of trying to lower out grocery budget although its pretty low already, I feel I can spend less. Don't give up your dream of being debt free just because it isn't happening fast enough. Maybe you have to do something drastic like sell your home and downsize trust me I have all kinds of downsizing thoughts going through my mind as I type this. For instance the thought of renting out my home, selling all of our belongings and rving across the country with my family is very tempting and a big dream of mine. But right now thats on the back burner until I can figure out a way to make it work
. Its easy to get bummed out and bogged down about this stuff, but I have to remind myself that I got myself into this debt and I will dig my way out. Just take one step at a time and focus on that. I hope this will encourage others who are trying to get out of debt also. What are some ways you save money and try to get out of debt? Share in the comments below and lets encourage each other on this journey. God Bless!

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