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If its not broke why fix it?

Hello everyone !

Today I have been thinking about our educational system and I know this can be a touchy subject almost like politics  ha ha!! But I am not going to argue with anyone about my thoughts and feelings this is my personal blog for me to voice my thoughts and if you don't agree then that is ok you don't have to read this post! So moving on... I homeschool my three kids. I have been homeschooling for lets see 8 years now. I am a firm believer in that the lord has blessed me with three kids and it is my responsibility to teach them and bring them up, not the school system. Todays educational system in my eyes has dumbed down our education and has taken away the individual uniqueness of the person they are teaching. No longer are we able to have free speech in school, or read the bible because it might offend someone but they are also trying to take God out of the pledge of allegiance and so forth. Common core is just to dumb down math and not really teach our kids how…