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If its not broke why fix it?

Hello everyone !

Today I have been thinking about our educational system and I know this can be a touchy subject almost like politics  ha ha!! But I am not going to argue with anyone about my thoughts and feelings this is my personal blog for me to voice my thoughts and if you don't agree then that is ok you don't have to read this post! So moving on... I homeschool my three kids. I have been homeschooling for lets see 8 years now. I am a firm believer in that the lord has blessed me with three kids and it is my responsibility to teach them and bring them up, not the school system. Todays educational system in my eyes has dumbed down our education and has taken away the individual uniqueness of the person they are teaching. No longer are we able to have free speech in school, or read the bible because it might offend someone but they are also trying to take God out of the pledge of allegiance and so forth. Common core is just to dumb down math and not really teach our kids how to logically do math the old fashion way. Its no longer the fact that the answer to 2+2=4 because that is just how its done. Now we want a philosophical reasoning for why and how you came up with that answer, I mean when your in a store trying to add up how much you spent are you going to pull out a paper and draw a tree diagram to figure it out? I think not. The school system now has pulled away from godly principles and focusing on reading, writing, and arithmetic.  We no longer teach cursive or how to really write a good paragraph to get our thoughts down on paper so that someone else can understand it. Instead we focus on grade levels and can you pass a test? Well I am here to tell you that weather or not you pass a test has no baring on weather you are smart or not. Every person is unique and brings something special to the table. You may not be  a computer wiz or an architect but there are thinkers and builders in this world. Our ancestors learned the basics for reading, writing and math but had skills to build there own home, plant there own crop and harvest it. They lived without electricity and running water. They had faith in God and great character ,but above all they were very humble people.  I'm not saying that you shouldn't learn how to use a computer or anything like that, especially in the age we live in.  I'm just saying we are lacking in basic skill sets. This is why I homeschool, to raise free thinkers, hard workers with common sense to make it through anything. I want my kids to think for themselves and to be problem solvers not just another kid on the public school conveyor belt , because you are not always going to have a computer or tablet to ask google how to do something. I want to instill in them the love of God and how to be kind to others and be humble , I want them to learn at there own pace and to know that they are smart even if they are not quite at the same reading level as there peers. In all reality the only thing that really matters is that your children become capable  adults. I am living proof that education doesn't mean how much book learning you know makes you smarter or that a college degree means you've achieved more than the average man. I struggled with subjects in school and still do but I am married to a wonderful man, I have a lovely family I know how to keep a checkbook and budget money, cook, sew, teach,raise animals, build things ect. Guess what I nor my husband have a college education and we are no different than the person that does! So if our education system from the 1800's was good enough for our founding fathers and ancestors it should still be good enough today for our children, so if its not broke then why fix it !!!  If you keep things simple and basic you can't go wrong.

Doing School!

Learning from the civil war reenactment
how to wash clothes by hand!

Good old fashion tree climbing !!

Thanks for stopping by and God Bless!


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