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How To Save Money On Your grocery Budget!

Hello everyone! Today I thought I would share with you how I save money on my grocery budget. First of all I am no chef and all of my meals are very basic. We live on one income and are a family of five. Might I add that my son who is fourteen eats as much if not more than his dad. Then there is myself and my two girls eleven and seven who don't eat as much. In our house hold one way I save money is that I never buy soda, cookies, or chips on a regular basis those are special items for birthdays. When I shop I always by staples such as rice,beans,flour,sugar,potatoes etc. I feel that with these main ingredients on hand I always have something to make. Even if it is just rice and beans! We love using the Dave Ramsay Envelope system and I always pull out cash for groceries and yes I shop with a Calculator! It can be time consuming but in the end I feel better when I get up to the counter to check out. We set a budget of 550 to 600 dollars a month that includes food and household i…