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My top 5 Homeschool must haves!!!!

Hey guys!

Today I am going to share my top 5 homeschool must haves.

# 1
 If you are a homeschooling parent you definitely need these products. If you are new to homeschooling then I highly recommend reading the book The Successful Family Homeschooling Handbook this book is full of advice on how to homeschool your child, how to not feel pressured if your child isn't reading yet and testimonies of other parents and how they homeschool. I refer back to this book when ever I feel stressed that my children are not where I think they should be in there homeschool journey and it always gives me peace knowing I am doing the right thing and that my kids are learning.

# 2
The second book I recommend is the Jim Trelease Read-A-Loud Handbook  this book is great for finding out what books are great for each grade level. You can search through the book and find books you like and see if they would be appropriate for your child's grade level. Nothing is worse when you choose a book to read …

Join Me On My Journey!

Hello Friends,

Today I wanted to share my new journey that I am on. As a stay at home mom I want the best for my family and I would also like to contribute to our finances. We are a one income family and have been for many  years.  I have searched and tried many different work from home jobs but only to come up empty handed. Today I am proud to say I have found something I am passionate about and really believe in. I am a wellness advocate for Doterra!!!!  I have always loved essential oils and have used them but it wasn't until my friend shared Doterra with me that I was hooked. I love Doterra not only for their outstanding pure essential oils but for the opportunity to share the oils with friends and loved ones and be able to earn an income.  It doesn't cost that much to become a member so you can buy oils at wholesale price instead of retail and its a business that you can build at your own pace.  Yes, you have to work hard to build up your team, but nothing comes with out…

Prayer Works!!!!

Prayer Changes Things!!!!

It seems like the devil is trying to destroy so many christian families.  There have been so many things happening in my own life, that sometimes it seem unbearable. We have lost loved ones in tragic ways and marriages are falling apart. But God is able to to mend marriages and comfort those who are grieving from loss.  I choose to stand on Gods word and trust in him for all things. We are fighting spiritual warfares and the only way to win and beat the devil is through constant prayer!!! There is POWER IN PRAYER!!!! So when you feel discouraged PRAY when you feel weak PRAY when you feel like your prayers aren't being answered PRAY and when you feel like you can't pray anymore ....... PRAY!!!  God heres are prayers in Mark 11:24 it says.....(Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received[a]it, and it will be yours.)
Watch this video for encouragement! God Bless and PRAY, PRAY, PRAY !!!…