My top 5 Homeschool must haves!!!!

Hey guys!

Today I am going to share my top 5 homeschool must haves.

# 1
 If you are a homeschooling parent you definitely need these products. If you are new to homeschooling then I highly recommend reading the book The Successful Family Homeschooling Handbook this book is full of advice on how to homeschool your child, how to not feel pressured if your child isn't reading yet and testimonies of other parents and how they homeschool. I refer back to this book when ever I feel stressed that my children are not where I think they should be in there homeschool journey and it always gives me peace knowing I am doing the right thing and that my kids are learning.

# 2
The second book I recommend is the Jim Trelease Read-A-Loud Handbook  this book is great for finding out what books are great for each grade level. You can search through the book and find books you like and see if they would be appropriate for your child's grade level. Nothing is worse when you choose a book to read aloud and your kids aren't able to follow along.

# 3
The third one is The High School Handbook . If you have a high schooler then you need this book it tells you all about how to keep track of credits and transcripts, and talks about electives and subjects. It also has sample transcripts so you get an idea of how to do one, In the back of the book there are blank transcripts that you can copy off and use. I love this book and it has helped me tremendously with my high Schooler.

# 4
If you like the Charlotte Mason style of homeschooling then you need The Charlotte Mason Companion this book is great if you have a lot of children you are trying to homeschool at once. It tells you how to combine subjects and also talks about how children learn better with short study times and getting out in nature. I love this book!

# 5
 I recommend  Teaching Textbooks this is the best well rounded curriculum I have found and it starts at 3rd grade and goes all the way up to calculus. If you are anything like me and struggled with math as a student then this is the way to go not only does it teach the lesson but grades it also. I can't say enough good things about this product.

I hope this post helps other homeschooling families and God Bless!!!


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