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Hello and welcome to A Christian Delight Directed Homeschool,

      Here you will find an online delight directed curriculum to help feed your creative child's mind. Not only will your child learn at their own pace but they will learn things that interest them. So let's get started! First of all this curriculum is not a school but a curriculum resource for you to use as you see fit. We do not keep records of any sort, that is up to the parents. This curriculum is offered free of charge and the links are to free websites and online books and printable pages. (You could, however, use my Christian delight directed books with these web links and adapt it to suit your needs.) This curriculum is delight-directed but will involve the parent to keep track of the student's days and where they leave off on each website.  If you would like your child to work offline you may use the curriculum books I have created  A Christian Delight Directed Curriculum these books are each 90 guided lessons and when you purchase books 1 and 2 it equals 180 days. Just choose books that interest your child and a math curriculum and your all set. I have created this site to inspire other parents to homeschool their children no matter what their financial circumstances are. Happy Homeschooling!

What you need: You will need simple supplies like, a printer, paper, crayons, pens, colored pencils, and regular pencils, etc. You may also use a notebook to record your pictures and writings instead of printing off the notebook pages. If you print off the pages you will need a binder and hole punch to store your pages in along with dividers for each subject.

Important: Don't forget to name and date your notebook page and write what subject and day, at the top of each page. 

Disclaimer: This is a free curriculum with websites that are in the public domain, it is up to each parent to make sure they are complying with their state requirements concerning homeschooling. Do your research prior to using this free curriculum.

Parents: These websites are free and kid-friendly but I highly recommend you make sure your computer has safe searches on and that inappropriate images and sites are blocked in your settings on your device. 

Pencil Eraser And Journal Clip Art

Each day you will click on the links below for each subject and choose what you want to learn from the websites. Have a parent help you and check off each day on the chart to make sure you are completing 180 days of school. The idea is to have a 180-day portfolio of your child's school year with the notebook pages in a binder or curriculum book.

Printable: 180-day chart

Globe Clip Art

When clicking on a link just click the back arrow until you get back to the Free Online Curriculum page or bookmark the page for easy access. All links are underlined and highlighted in red or Blue.

1. Bible

Grades k-4
Beginners Bible stories  Click the link and choose a video to watch then print out the notebook page and draw a picture and tell about what you learned, have a parent help to dictate what you want to say if you are not able to write yet. Notebook Pages
If you would like to print out a story to read click this link here.Printable bible stories

Grades 5-12
 Bible ReadingAfter you read or listen to the scriptures, print out the page below and draw a picture, write down what you learned or copy a verse on this page. Notebook Pages

2. Language Arts/Reading:

Let's take a look at some classic stories. Click on the link for your grade level and choose a story to read or listen to.  If you are in grades k-4 and you can not read yet have a parent read to you. For upper grades read for 15min-20 min.
Remember to keep track of where you left off when reading. Write the page number of the book on your notebook page.

Grades K-4
Children's Story Books Draw a picture and copy a paragraph or sentence on your Notebook Pages
Grades 5-12
Classic Books
Grades 5-12  Draw a picture and write down in your own words what you read. Notebook Pages
Grades 5-12 

Language Arts: Grades 1-6 Check out this websites other downloadable products.
Free printable Gentle Grammar by Momdelights
For the spelling and language arts game below choose your grade and subject and start playing.
Spelling and Language Arts Games

Spelling Grades K-6
Spelling practice 
Click on a word list to play spelling games.

3. History:

Now for history, Choose a topic you want to learn about in history.
You may watch videos, then write about what you learned and draw a picture. Notebook Pages

Grades k-4
These are great videos for any grade:
Freeschool YouTube U.S> History
Freeschool Youtube American Revolution
Freeschool Youtube Biographies
Freeschool Youtube Ancient History

If you would like your child to read for history then the link below is what you want to click on:
Click on the link choose a person to learn about and scroll to the bottom of the page then click on the play button to listen to the story or read it.
 Historical Figures
Print out your page and draw a picture of what you learned then copy a paragraph or sentence from your story.
Notebook Pages

Grades 5-12
You may also use the FreeSchool links above to learn about history:
Times in History
 Choose a time in history to learn about. Click the link to read or scroll down to click play and listen to the story then take the quiz

This day in history
You may also lookup a day in history and write what you learned for whatever day it is.

Print out your page and draw a picture and write in your own words what you learned Notebook Pages

4. Geography:

Grades k-4
Geography Now Youtube
The U.S. 50 States videos

If you would like your kids to read about geography click the link below then click a topic at the top of the page:
History and Geography for Kids Literature
Print out your notebook page and draw a picture and tell me what you learnedNotebook Pages

Grades 5-12
Geography games
Geography Videos
Print out your page and draw a picture and write in your own words what you learned Notebook Pages

5. Science:

For science I did not search out Christian science links it is up to the parents to teach their children about science from a Godly perspective. I feel children need to be introduced to other theories and then back it up from a Christian perspective.

Grades k-3 
Free Science literature and videos with printable books: Science
Science Games 
Freeschool Youtube
Play a science game or watch an educational video, then print out your Notebook Pages and draw a picture of what you learned, then have a parent help you copy or write down what you want to say.

Grades 4-12
Choose any topic in science to learn about.
Earth Science

Read or scroll down to the bottom of the page and click play to listen. Take the quiz. Then print out your notebook page and draw and write what you learned today. Notebook Pages

6. Math:

Grades k-4
Choose what level your child is at then go from there.
Khan Academy

Grades 5-12
Choose what level your child is at then go from there.
Khan Academy

Xtra Math For All Levels

This is the best math supplement for grades 1-8 your child will be begging to play!

Free Prodigy Math Game
Paintbrush And Palette Clip Art
7. Art/ Drawing
This is for all levels of drawing. Learn how to draw cartoon characters and other things.
Art For Kids Hub
Hooplakidz Doodle

8. Typing

Feel free to research other electives your child might be interested in.

Here are extra educational links:

Homeschool Pop Youtube
Language Arts Free Printables
Free printables for all grades and subjects

If you feel lead to donate to this free curriculum, It would bless my family. Thank You.

The assignments,  collection of links, and the layout of the curriculum,  created by this site all belong to this blog owner and may not be copied and published to another site or used for any commercial benefit.
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