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A New Endeavor!

Hello My Friends!

Well Summer is here in Idaho and we finally hit 100 degree weather. Which means lots of swimming and air conditioning. We have had a lot going on, so I will fill you in a bit. We finally have a fence up around our whole property which was a huge accomplishment. Our garden that I started is finally taking off, the ducks and chickens that we have are doing great and to top it off we have purchased a cow. Yep, that's right we are officially a small homestead! We are going to raise our own grass fed beef and see how that goes.  In  between all this we have managed to make a family camp trip and our whole family will be having a reunion this year!! So much stuff going on, not sure how I am keeping up on everything but only by the grace of God.  I do have some exciting news I have entered into the world of self publishing books. Yes, you heard that right! I have been creating workbooks for my children and they are available on Amazon. I decided to make a curriculum th…