A Christian Delight Directed Curriculum!

After homeschooling for 10 years and trying all types of curriculum I have finally discovered that not all curriculums work for all children. My son who is in high school is a textbook style learner he learns well from reading and answering questions. My middle daughter on the other hand struggles with several subjects. This resulted in lots of unpleasant home school days. And my youngest daughter falls some where in the middle of the other two. So I decided to try Delight Directed Learning and have fallen in love with this approach. There is something satisfying about watching your child learn and retain things because it is what they wanted to learn and not forced upon them. We started out using the Thinking Tree Journals which I do love and we are finishing them up this year, but for me I just wanted a little more structure in our day. I searched and searched for a curriculum and could not find anything. So as the line from the movie (Robots) says ....."See a need fill a need!" So I did just that. I created a curriculum that not only is lesson planned for the parent and child but that covers core subjects and is delight directed! We will be using my curriculum for next year and I will put both of my girls in it. How it works: My Curriculum is called A Christian Delight Directed Curriculum and is laid out so that the student chooses their books and then they start at day one. They complete six pages a day and when finished with the six pages then you are done with school for the day. The curriculum is meant to be used along with your own math curriculum because most homeschoolers have a preferred math curriculum already. You can use books from the library, online resources, thrift store books or you can check books out from grandma or grandpa like we do! My curriculum is very affordable and are in two books volume 1 and volume 2, each book has 90 days of guided lessons which equals to a 180 day school year. The first books cover grades 3rd through 8th and then there is a high school level which is the same format as the elementary levels but covers electives. These curriculum books are available on Amazon along with other books I have published. You can click on the links at the top of my blog. If you are looking for an affordable way to homeschool then you need to check these out! Just a disclaimer, I do get a small kick back from Amazon if you click on the link from my blog, it is greatly appreciated and blesses my family.
A christian delight directed curriculum
Here is a video on how to use my Curriculum. Thanks for watching and God bless!


  1. Do you have a video or,post about the high school books you made like this?

  2. Hello Gina,

    I do not have a video out yet of the high school books. They are very similar to the lay out of these books though. For instance you start at day 1 and your child will have a Bible page where they can read in their bible and then summarize what they read. They will have a language arts/literature page ,History ,Science, a blank math page to work out problems and a page for an elective. The high school books are more of a what topic are you studying and then tell what you learned type of curriculum so it is great because it will fit with what ever the child is interested in. I believe if you click on the Amazon link at the top of the page it will take you to what ever book you choose and you should be able to see inside of it. I hope this helps , if you have any other questions feel free to ask. God Bless!


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