How to keep your family healthy!

Hey everyone! Well its that time of year again when everyone gets stuffy or runny noses and the flu bug hits. There are lots of ways to stay healthy during this time and I am going to share how our family treats illnesses. A little disclaimer (I am no doctor or claim to be one I am just going to share what works for our family.) First of all we definitely try to eat as healthy as we can but still the flu sneaks in sometimes. Our family tries to avoid over the counter medicine if at all possible. To start our day we take fish oil I know this sounds gross but we have found a fish oil that even the kids enjoy taking. It is called Barleans lemon flavored fish oil and it comes in a liquid form and you just take 2 tsp a day. Another way is to use essential oils. They work wonderful, right now I use the Radha brand of 100% therapeutic oils but there are many brands to choose from. When my kids are stuffed up we rub eucalyptus oil on there necks, for headaches I rub peppermint on the back of my neck and behind my ears. We also use a diffuser. Lavender not only smells good but helps to relax and reduce stress. Lavender oil is also great to help kids sleep. Tee tree oil is great to dry up cold sores on the outside of your mouth and the list goes on and on. Of course if the flu bug becomes so severe we do use regular medicine but if we can avoid it. The natural way is best. We also homeschool which helps with the kids not coming down with every cough or sniffle that floats around in schools. We use all natural cough medicine by Zarbees made with honey and other natural ingredients. This is how we combat the flu season.What are some ways you knock out the flu? Leave a comment below and share your natural remedies. God Bless!


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