Homeschool Rhythm- Why you need it!

Hello Friends,

Well, once again I woke up to grumpy kids not wanting to do school. Are you like me, do you struggle with getting your day going especially if you homeschool? Well, that is why a homeschool Daily Rhythm is so important. Not only will you feel more relaxed but so will your kids. 

What is a homeschool rhythm? Well, it is how your day starts and ends and everything in between. How it ebbs and flows. Most of us have a rhythm to our days and we may not even know it. But is our rhythm hectic or peaceful? This is what I want to emphasize on today, making a peaceful homeschool rhythm. Many of us have a routine which in a way is a rhythm. We may wake up, eat breakfast, do some chores and start school. But is it peaceful? I know sometimes my mornings are so hectic and the kids are so grumpy it sets the mood for the entire day. This is just stressful, it makes me feel so sad that the day did not go as planned and the atmosphere was gloomy.  So how can we make a better rhythm to our day especially our mornings? When let's be honest most of us are tired and grumpy and don't feel like doing anything. Here are a few tips that may help. 
Sunday Morning Clip Art  
1. Wake your children up at an earlier time so they may have time to cuddle on the couch and just wake up. I know I like to sit and have coffee and read while I'm trying to wake up so they may be the same way.

 2. Set the MOOD. Light some candles or an oil lamp and play soft music instead of watching t.v. My girls love this kind of stuff, you can even read aloud to your children while they get breakfast.
Hurricane Lamp Clip Art

Candle Light Clip Art

3.  Have a simple breakfast. Something they can make themselves or that you made the night before.

4. Have your children get ready and tidy up before they even start school.

5. Start your school day. Now, this may still cause some grumbling but press through the negative and try to be positive when helping your children start their school, if you have a peaceful response it will help them too also have a peaceful attitude.

And lastly, keep your morning rhythm the same so that your children will know what to expect each morning and in the end, it will become a habit for them. It has been said that it takes 30 days to form a habit. So give yourself a month to try your new Rhythm out. 
We have had a routine for our homeschool as long as I can remember but I am going to try and implement a warm and encouraging Rhythm to our homeschool days. One that my girls will look forward to every day. A happy homeschool starts with the parent having a great outlook on the day and not letting emotions and worries stand in the way. Pray before you wake your kids up for the day and ask the Lord to Bless your day because to be a stay at home parent and homeschooler is a calling that the Lord has laid on our hearts and he hears our prayers! I hope this helps you to find a more peaceful rhythm to your day God Bless! 

Please comment below with ideas that you use to make a more peaceful homeschool rhythm.


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