Staying Healthy in the New Year!

                                 Sick Clip Art

Disclosure: I am not a doctor just a mom using natural alternatives to help my family please do your own research to see if these products will work for your family. If natural alternatives are not helping your child please seek a doctors care.

Well its a new year and of course our family starts it off with the flu!!! How we got it I do not know but my two girls have it and I though I would share how we are taking care of the symptoms. Of course lots of rest and fluids are essential when you are vomiting. So sprite or ginger ale are the choice of drinks for my girls. Also Essential oils!!!! Thank God for oils, they have helped us many times in the flu season. When tummy aches arise I use digest zen or peppermint to help calm tummies. We also use  Melaleuca around the outer ear for earaches  and we use Hylands Homeopathic ear pain drops and mullein and garlic ear drops. When your child is sick it is so hard to feel like your helpless and can't do anything for them and thats why I love my oils. I feel like no matter the ailment I have a plan of attack to help my poor child.  We like to diffuse ongaurd in our home durning this time to help with germs that are floating in the air and we also like to rub onguard on the bottoms of our feet and neck to help our immune system. Also if your child has a fever try using peppermint on their forehead or back of neck to bring down the fever. You may want to dilute these oils on younger children with a carrier oil, I like to use fractionated coconut oil. Many people wonder what brand of oil to use and I highly recommend doTerra! They go above and beyond when it comes to testing each oil before it is available to you and I trust them 100%. You can also purchase the essential life book that is put out by doctors and they have every ailment you can think of and the oil you can use to help. Its like an oil bible!  I love it and use it daily. If your interested in keeping your family healthy and using  natural alternatives to help them please contact me. I would love to talk to you about essential oils and Aim Natural Supplements to keep your family healthy in this new year. God Bless!!


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