New year, New You!

Hello Everyone,

Its hard to believe that we are already half way through January of 2019. This is my birthday month so that is exciting for me. Anyways , I know most people like to make New years resolutions and I used to be one of them. But like all people I could never stick to my resolution so I gave up on them. What I do like to do is just make small progress through out the year on things that are important to me and if I fail at some things thats ok I just start again. I don't put pressure on my self to stick one certain plan. So what does the year ahead look like for me and my family? Well I will tell you. Right now my body is out, I have a neck and back injury so for me it is focusing on getting better. We also have homestead projects to get done like preparing for another cow possibly, getting a market goat for our daughters 4-h project. Helping my son finish putting his truck back together so he can take his drivers test...... I am not ready for that! Schooling as usually. This year instead of trying to do a large garden I am going to give myself some grace and just start a small kitchen garden, which will contain plants to make salads etc. We would like to do some camping this summer as we always do. Maybe finish some interior work like moulding and a door for our girls room. Although the curtain door is just fine it reminds me of little house. And above all just being content and happy with the life I am given. I think if I am to be honest with myself the one thing I need to do much more of is be in the word of God. So my personal goal is that! I received a bible journal for Christmas and I am excited to dive into the word of God. I want every aspect of my life to reflect Christ, I will focus on being a good example to me children, and working hard to be a keeper of my home the way Christ has called me,  to be my husbands help meet and to lift every struggle and hardship to the Lord  for he is the author and finisher of my LIFE!!!!! May God bless you this year !!!!!
Schooling by candle light like Laura Ingalls

Family Pic from our Christmas get together

Meet Molly Santa brought her for Eva our youngest!!!


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