Who Was?

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Hello Everyone,

I wanted to share a wonderful book series that has taken our homeschool to a whole new level! That's right a whole new level. If you are familiar with my curriculum and have watched my videos then you may have already seen or heard about the Who Was books!!! When I created my Delight Directed Curriculum I had these books in mind. Not only were they at a reading level my daughter could read at but they are chock-full of information. And, they cover so many people in history I am sure your child will find someone they want to learn about. These books are biographies of famous people throughout history. In my curriculum books, I have questions for each day that your child will have to answer about their person of interest. My girls dove right in and excitedly picked out who they were going to study. One chose Amelia Earhart and the other chose George Washington. My oldest daughter who has slowly improved on her reading and is at a fifth-grade reading level started these books at a third-grade reading level. They are easy to comprehend and even for your child who can't read on their own yet can still benefit by listening and then answering the questions. I can't say enough good things about these books and I am not being paid to say this. This is my personal homeschool mom's opinion! So if you want your child engaged and learning about history then check out these books!!  I would say that even a teenager or adult can read them and learn a few things because of my 15-year-old read about Leonardo Da Vinci and loved it. So there you have it delight directed history at its best.

God Bless and Happy Homeschooling!

These are just a few there are many, many more!


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