Life Update!

Hey Everyone!!

Man does time fly, here we are getting ready for fall weather, winter and beyond. It seems like just yesterday it was January 1st. where does the time go. I thought I would give a life update on whats been going on in the last few months. first of all I did a youtube video about how we were raising our own cow. Well that was a while ago and we have since butchered our cow and now have a freezer full of yummy meat!!!! How was the experience you might ask? Well I will be honest the raising the cow was not the hard part, it was when it came time to say goodbye. It's funny because I new all along why we got the cow but didn't realize how sad I would be when the day came to say goodbye. I think it was the hardest on me beings how the cow seemed to like me the most and would only come when I would call him to feed him his grain. But life goes on and over all it was a good experience and I do believe we will be getting another cow come spring. After the cow we became super busy because my oldest daughter decided to try 4-H and raise a market goat. I will just say this, goats are escape artist and we struggled with finding a way to keep our little goat in its pen. But once that was figured out the rest was easy and my daughter I believe has found her calling. She fell in love with her little goat and raised it and trained it all on her own and did so wonderful when it was time to take him to fair and show him. My daughter is a tough little cookie and when it came down to auction him off she was very sad but said" I need to do this so I know how it will feel when he's gone." She struggled with deciding to keep the goat or auction him off knowing what his purpose was. In the end she made me so proud by getting in the ring durning auction time and leading him around like a pro. She made $600 off of that little goat and for her first time ever doing 4-H she did awesome and we will be doing it again. On top of all that we have been working behind the scene  on our property laying under ground sprinklers in our pasture and yard and getting ready for winter, filling the propane tank and getting ready to buy pellets to burn. We spent days camping in the Saw Tooth Mts. and Boating and playing around at the lake. My son has been working a lot and studying hard to finish school by the time he is 16yrs. old and saving to put an engine in his truck. He is such a good kid and works hard for everything he has. Our littlest one is enjoying tumbling again which she does every Wednesday and is thinking of doing 4-H also. We shall see if she ends up doing it. I feel like with fall here we are slowing down just a little from all the summer activities. But I know that will be short lived because Halloween , Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner.......insert a sigh!! lol. Life as a mom is never dull and always keeps me busy. Well thats all for now, God Bless!!!
                                                              When Ella first got her goat!
                                                         Getting ready to show her goat.
                                                     That big ole smile!!! Auction Time!

                                                               Playtime at the lake!
                                                         My man showing off his skills!
                                          Relaxing by the river in the Saw Tooth Mountains!
My not so little boy fishing !!


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