My Favorite Essential Oil!!

Hello There!

I can not contain my excitement anymore. I have to share with you all my favorite essential oil of all time. This oil comes in a roller bottle so it is so easy to use. You can roll it on your neck, wrists ,back of ears and on your temples etc. It relieves a multitude of symptoms. I won't leave my house with out it, thats just how great it is. Do you want to know what it is?????? Here we go ..........


This oil helps with:

Headaches and Migrains
Muscle aches, swelling and cramping
Hot flashes and cooling
Bruises and Burns
Joint pain
Tension and stress
Neck and shoulder pain
and Restful sleep

I love, love, love this oil. I used to have to take Ibuprofen all the time for headaches and now I have cut back do to the wonderful Past Tense  oil which has helped me immensely. If you would like to check out this oil you can go to my web page and if you are interested in joining my team you can contact me through my website also. Until next time stay healthy and happy.



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