New Curriculum Update!!!!

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New Curriculum Book!!!

Hey, everyone, this is just a little update to let you all know that I have just published Book 1 of the A Christian Delight Directed Curriculum K-2! This book is great for Kindergarten through 2nd grade and it is all laid out for you. Just choose your books and start on day 1 until you complete 90 days of school. It is such an easy way to teach your child in short lessons that interest them. I am also working on book 2 for the K-2 series. Go check it out on Amazon just click the link below.  I will say that when you view the book the pages may be in color but it is black and white only. I do that to try my best to keep the cost down so it is affordable!  You can also watch my youtube video on how to use the curriculum!  I hope you have blessed day!!

Happy Homeschooling!


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