Why I love Delight Directed Learning!

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Daughter: Mom can I look up some information on Greek Mythology today???

Me: Why, yes you can !!!! Let me show you a website that is safe for you to use.

This was the question my daughter came and asked me today. I was so thrilled! Here she is doing her school and reading different books for literature, and the book she is reading right now is about Greek Mythology which she chose to read. This is why I love Delight Directed Learning. Now she is going to go one step further and start researching this topic all on her own.  She showed me a little folder that she started that has information about Greek Mythology. When you give a child the freedom to learn about things that interest them, they tend to dig a little deeper because it's a subject they like. This has especially rang true for my 13 year old daughter. With learning this way it goes even further into real life, for example just the other day it was storming outside. As we were walking it started to thunder and lighting started striking across the sky. This prompted a wonderful conversation about clouds , lighting and thunder with my girls. The out come of that conversation boiled over into the next days studies and ended up looking through encyclopedias about weather! That became the nature study for the day. Children are like little sponges just waiting to soak up knowledge if only we can find what peeks their interest. Thats where Delight Directed Learning comes in. If you find your child is struggling to retain information try delight directed, and if you are a little unsure how to start check out my curriculum books I have created for my girls , its all laid out day by day and is self explanatory! I hope this post helps and  you find it encouraging. What ways have you used to help peek your childs interest??? God Blesss!


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