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Bruneau Sand Dunes State Park!!

                                                                The new Rig!

Hey everyone!!

Wow , what an awesome camp trip we just took to Bruneau Sand Dunes State Park! I wanted to share with you all about it. This was our first camp trip with our new to us Fifth wheel trailer. Lets just say it was time for an upgrade from our 1978 18 foot prowler that we have camped in for 8 years with five people and two dogs.  Now our camp trips consist of 5 people and 3 dogs, so we definitely needed a bigger trailer, with an actual bed for us parents !!!! Anyways on to the park, Bruneau San Dunes is located 64 miles South of Boise Idaho. It is desert camping so you would want to try this park in spring weather like we did. Summer time would be just too hot I think. The camp ground was very nice and clean with pull through and back in sites. It also  had  electric and water hook ups. They  had restrooms and showers available .  When leaving the camp ground there was a dump site so that you could empty your tanks prior to heading home. They do allow dogs but they must be on leashes at all times and you have to pick up after them. We had a wonderful time just hanging out and walking around. The Dunes themselves were so pretty and my kids had a blast sliding down them. We brought our own sleds but you can rent sleds too. There is a lake to fish in, but the down side was there is only one dock to the lake so you have to squeeze together while fishing . I will have to say my favorite part was looking through the telescopes at all the stars. Bruneau San Dunes has an observatory which you can pay to look through at the stars and it was quite spectacular but just star gazing from camp is amazing too! If you are headed to Idaho I highly recommend you check it out ! Just be prepared to dump your pockets and shoes from all the sand !!!! Here are some pics of our adventure!! God Bless!!!


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Disclaimer: This site uses affiliate links which means, that I will earn a small commission if you click on the links and purchase something. Which helps me out! God Bless!

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Good Morning Everyone!

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                                                      Proverbs 13:24

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