Making Ends Meet!

If your a stay at home mom trying to make ends meet you are not alone. My husband and I plus our three children live on one income and we have done so for quite some time. Does that mean my husband makes a ton of money??? NO, it is the complete opposite we live on one income by trying our best to keep finances low , stay out of debt as much as we can and be frugal like our great grandmothers were. It's not and easy task but doable. But this brings me to my post today. Even though we make ends meet it would be nice to bring in some extra grocery money. I know all of you stay at home moms know what I'm talking about. I know there are all kinds of side jobs out there but if you homeschool your children its hard to find those supper flexible work when you want jobs, that actually pay. Although my blog does not make any money at the moment maybe someday it will and that would be a blessing I hope to encourage other moms out there to keep homeschooling , being frugal and praying for Gods will in your finances. If you like my blog be sure to subscribe and if you would like to support this blog and my family and you enjoy what we are trying to do , you can watch and subscribe to my youtube channel(Humble Homestead Life), check out our (Aim All Natural Healthy Living) website and look into my Delight Directed Christian Curriculum Books on Amazon! God Bless and lets continue to pray for Gods will in our lives, save every penny we can and be frugal as we make our way through this ever changing journey.


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