How to homeschool on a budget!

When I tell people I homeschool I often times get asked what curriculum I use and how much does it cost? I am here to tell you I am living proof you can homeschool on a very tight budget and even for free. As a Homeschool graduate myself and a homeschooling mom of three kids, I have been homeschooling my children for over ten years and feel like I have been at both ends spectrums on the curriculum debate. When I first started out I did like any one else did and ordered the best christian curriculum I could fine. It was a boxed curriculum and although it was very good I found myself trying to figure out how I was going to buy the next grade level once we were done with the current one. And I was only homeschooling one child at that time. What was I going to do with two or three children? So began my search for affordable or even free curriculum. It took many years of trying different workbooks and online schools and long nights of scouring the internet for the best possible education for my children. Then I found a wonderful site online that was all laid out and guess what??? It was free. I was so excited about this I immediately had both of my girls use it. Although as great as that was I started noticing my middle daughter struggle more and more with spelling and reading. That is when I realized she may not be able to use this wonderful curriculum. We finished out the year and then tried another online homeschool this time I had to pay but it was minimal and I had both my girls try this online source. I realized with this course it was alot of common and core curriculum which I absolutely despise. So it was back to the drawing board for me. How was I going to homeschool on such a tight budget and with a curriculum that my children would actually soar in? Then the light bulb went off after much prayer the Lord placed it on my heart to create a curriculum my self which would be tailored to the needs of my children. That is when I created ( A christian Delight Directed Curriculum) Not only are my children soaring in these books but they are very affordable and will cover a complete 180 day school year just by getting books one and two. All the other books you can get for free from a library, thrift store or even utilize the internet. There are so many free resources out there you just have to find them. I hope this post will encourage other homeschooling parents to continue the journey in educating your children at home and know that there are free and budget friendly options out there. Here are the links to my favorite homeschooling resources.

Free sites

Easy Peasy All in one homeschool
Old Fashion Education
Ambleside online
Spelling City
Khan Academy
Powerful Free Math

Budget Friendly Sites
Time 4 Learning
Times Tales
Robinson Curriculum
A Christian Delight Directed Curriculum


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