Allowance or Commission??

Its the big question that most parents have. Should we give our kids and allowance just because or should they have to earn their money? I am a firm believer that children need to know the importance of working hard and being rewarded for their hard work. In the real world that is how everything works, you don't just get money for free you have to work to earn it. If we teach our children this concept while they are young they will better understand it when they are older. Even if you are on a low budget you still can reward your kids. For instance my children have daily responsibilities to do and then three paid chores per day.They can earn .20 cents per chore which adds up to .60 cents per day. Now some of you may think this is very little but I am paying my two girls and they get paid every two weeks when my husband gets paid. And they only get paid if they do the chore and mark it off. I use this great chore chart from be sure to check out her site for all kinds of great information and printables. My son now has a job and no longer receives allowance aka Commission. The hardest part to doing this is being firm and checking their chore chart to make sure they actually did the paid chore, my little one likes to check them off even if she doesn't do them. She's a tricky one. If money is something you can't do then reward your child with an ice cream or playing a board game with mom and dad, maybe a trip to a park for the day anything will work as long as it is rewarded for the chore they did. I hope this helps, chores are a never ending battle in my household. But this seems to be working for now. Comment below with some of your chore and reward system ideas I would love to hear how other parents battle the chore monster !!!!
God Bless!


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