When do we say enough is enough?


Friends I come to you today with a question that we all must ask ourselves. When do we say enough? What I mean by this is, right now before our very eyes our civil liberties are being stripped away. We have tyrannical governments trying to dictate our lives by trying to enforce us to wear masks, and very soon vaccines. We the people have to stand up for our  rights, even though we may lose out on things. For instance I have recently been laid off from my job, even though I have not worn a mask this whole time but now the company is going to comply and enforce everyone to wear a mask. My employer asked why I dont want to wear one and I told him I can't wear one due to health reason and I can't wear a face shield do to health reasons also. Plus its against the law per OSHA guidelines to force me to wear a mask with out being properly examined to see if I am even capable of wearing one. So long story short it cost me my job and I was laid off. This my friends is not about the mask  or the virus it's about government control and money. You see federal funds are being trickled down to the state officials and health districts which are mandating all this stuff. We must not allow this to happen ! I know it's scary to think of losing your job or getting arrested simply because you have a constitutional right to not wear a mask. Friends let's unite with our neighbors, to stand up for or faith, family, and most of all freedom. That's what this country has always been about. That's what our fore fathers fought and died for. I hate to say it but things are going to get worse, but with the Lord on our side we will prevail! Seek the lord during these times and turn your hearts to him because time is short. GOD BLESS EVERYONE!


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