The End of Youtube!

Hey guys,

This is just a short update about what's been going on lately. So I am sure most of you know that youtube and the FTC and Coppa are changing the way content creators mark their videos. Thus I have decided to delete all my videos. The FTC is regulating videos and are forcing creators to check videos as (made for kids) or (Not made for kids) the problem with this is that if you check that your videos are made for kids you will no longer receive comments or be able to play certain ads on your channel and your monetization goes down. Now there is a huge grey area about what is considered made for kids. For example, if your video has the words Fun or Cool in it or if you have pets or children in the video, this is appealing to kids and would be considered made for kids. Even if you have bright or vibrant colors or there are games, toys or certain cereals in your video that would be considered appealing to kids. So basically all of my videos would be considered Made for kids. And what happens if I just check Not made for kids to be safe..... Well, youtube will be screening video and if you do not have them marked correctly then you can be fined $42,000.00. I don't know about you but that is a risk I am just not willing to take at this time. So, my friends, I have deleted my videos but I am still here and still finishing up my last Curriculum book for the k-2 series. If you would like to contact me you can through my blog right here. I love hearing from other homeschooling parents and enjoy answering questions about the curriculum books I've created. Please stick around as I will try and keep up better with my blog posts. Until next time God Bless!!!


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