A Little House from the Lord!

Awww Winter!

When I think of winter I think of snow falling outside, blankets ,good books, a cup of hot tea and of course warm fires. Well Here in Idaho we have all of those things. Right now as I am writing this my house and yard a being blanketed with soft, white,fluffy snow. Its so pretty to stare out my picture window and watch the snow flakes falling down. Of course I like to watch the snow ,not be in the snow. This is our first winter in our new home and I must say what a cozy little home it is. After living in a two story house for ten years with no fire place and only a gas furnace, our little house is a dream come true. I had prayed and prayed for ten years for a home in the country where we could raise our kids and have animals and I must say God has provided and I have no complaints. Its funny how when you pray for things they don't always get answered when you want them to. But God is an on time God and in his own time he answers prayers. You see we had been looking for a home for quite some time and put in many offers only to be turned down , and when we did get our offer excepted half way through escrow we lost a house. I cried many times and asked God why we didn't get certain houses that we loved so much and felt they were just right. I never did get answers to those prayers until we found this little house. It was all nestled away under trees that were over grown and the house needed some tlc. There is a big shop just right for all of my hubby's hobbies and just enough property to start a little homestead. When we first saw the house my husband said put in an offer , he could tell that it had good bones and it was well built despite all the fixes it needed. So we called up our agent and put in an offer and then waited. We waited for a while when one day our realtor called and said " Your in the drivers seat" ! I couldn't believe my ears I was so happy but yet tried not to get my hopes up as I had done so many times before. So with many prayers and lots of patients God answered our prayers and we bought this little home in the country. I am still amazed at how perfect this home is for our family and often wonder what life would be like if we had bought one of the other homes we had liked so much. Its funny how God knows where he wants us to be even though we don't even know sometimes.  So now here we are at Christmas time all cozy and warm with a fire , and watching the snow fall outside and I am reminded how Great our God is and how his timing is perfect always!

The Beautiful Mountain behind our house!
Our little house form the Lord!


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