Save Our Children and Family Values!

Dear Friends,

I write this with much urgency that you wake up and smell the coffee. It is appalling what they are trying to teach our children in public schools. I pray that you will take to heart these videos that I am going to share with you and that you search your heart for guidance in whether you should take your children out of school or not. Our children were given to us by our creator to raise and protect and to teach them what is Godly and holy in the eyes of God. Please, Please share this with all of your friends now. This is a new curriculum that is already in 27 states and may not be in your state but in your county. Do your own research as always. God Bless. And Pray for our Country!

Brainwashed( How Black Lives Matter Hijacked Our Schools)

BRAINWASHED: The Radical Sex Agenda Corrupting Your Kid (PROMO) 


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