These uncertain times!

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Hello, my friends,

Well, I don't know about you but I could use some encouragement in the pandemic era of our lives.  Every morning it's the same thing on the news, Covid-19, Wear your mask, and all about the upcoming election. I find myself getting discouraged about our country and personally our freedom. I am a firm believer in not wearing masks if you don't want to. You should be able to go to a grocery store and shop without getting the stink eye from everyone because you as a citizen have the right to not wear a mask if that is what you choose. I find myself not wanting to go to town at all but instead just stay home and focus on my family and above all God. I don't think it's possible to walk this life without God. So friends I urge you to take a look at your heart and where you stand with the Lord because time is short. The Bible says we do not know the hour or the day that the Lord will return, but to be ready at all times. If you are a Bible-believing person then you can see the signs around us. Our world is in a whirlwind right now with so many uncertain things. For instance, so many people are frustrated about having to homeschool their children all of a sudden, and many parents both work full time and that is hard on them. But friends instead of getting upset that your children are not gone all day and now they are home with you, let's take the time to see what they are being taught in the public schools and does it agree with your beliefs?  Let's spend time teaching our children about life and family and what it means to have unity in the home. So many of us are glued to our phones and the kids are glued to video games and tablets and tik tok and Instagram that they don't even know how to talk to parents or have a conversation with other children because its all texting. Technology is raising a generation of children that feel entitled and that the world owes them. They don't know how to work and save money and be respectful, productive citizens and furthermore half of them don't even know what the Constitution says and what it stands for. There's something wrong here!!!!! So I encourage you to invest more time into your children for they are the generation that will reap the repercussions of the decisions made today. Pray with your children daily and read the word of God to them whether it be the Bible or a storybook Bible, either way, instill the word of God in them. Teach them to help around the house because someday they will live on their own. Love them unconditionally like Christ loves us and give them the grace to grow and make mistakes just as we are shown grace by Jesus. Let's take this pandemic and turn it into a time to re-evaluate our hearts and lives and what is really important to us. Take pride in your home instead of dreading being there all the time and feeling couped up let's get it organized and cleaned, so we can play games and do things with our children.  Today is the day to rise up and turn your eyes to heaven ask God for peace and Grace during these trying times. Because friends this is just our temporary home. Each day is precious and we are not guaranteed our next breath. I thank God every day for my family and the life I live no matter what comes my way! God Bless and let's keep fighting the good fight lets raise a generation of soldiers for CHRIST!!!

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                                                                Faith, and Freedom!


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