Corona Virus? Health and Homeschool?

Hey Everyone,

Well with the wake of the Corona Virus hitting our country most of you have now become homeschool parents, not out of want but out of necessity. Don't panic like the rest of the world, homeschooling is not that hard. In fact, if you taught your kids ABC's and how to write there name you can homeschool. If you are worried about the schools not providing you with online courses then no worries. There are many options. First, my Curriculum books are a great resource to have and they are inexpensive and you can use the internet or any books you have at home or on kindle to educate your child. Go check them out here A Christian Delight Directed Curriculum. Second EP homeschool is the other online option that you can use to homeschool your children. All in one homeschool offers courses from pre-k through Highschool. So there you have it for the homeschool options that I recommend. Also if you find yourself scrambling to find Toilet Paper, along with other items like medicine, vitamins, and other products to keep you as healthy as possible please check out The Aim products here. My Aim Store, these supplements will help build your immune system and supports whole body functions. (Disclaimer: The Aim products are not a cure or medication for the Corona Virus, Please seek medical help if you feel you may have the Corona Virus or have been in contact with someone who has it.) This is my personal opinion on
supplements that my family takes to ensure we stay as healthy as possible. In the meantime stay home and enjoy your children because life is short and things are crazy. And PRAY for our Country!!! God Bless!


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