It's a love hate relationship!


      Eva in a Kayak

I know I'm not the only one that feels this way.

      Oh, the woes of raising kids in a technology type of world! Do you feel me? I have a love-hate relationship with technology. I love it because it allows me to work from home. I can educate my kids for free because of the internet. I can order anything to my heart's content. I mean I can even pay my bills and do all my banking without ever leaving my home. There are so many other reasons why I love it......But then there is the reason why I loathe it so much. First of all, technology takes away from being in the moment and just living life as God intended it. I wish in so many ways that we could just go back in time and live like the pioneers. Without technology, families were in tune with each other and worked hard as a family. You didn't have to tell your kids to take a break from playing video games or watching Netflix. I don't know about you but my kids tend to get stinky attitudes when they spend too much time on games and tv shows, they just start being rude to one another and talking disrespectfully to me. So needless to say we take breaks quite often from all technology. When we do it forces my kids to play with the toys they have, to be friends with each other and to get creative. They also spend more time outside and with there animals. I love listening to my kids play and seeing them read books, it's so healthy for the spirits. My kids are like any other kid and they play Minecraft and Ps4 games and they watch Netflix shows all the time. Do I like it? NO, I don't but I have to find that balance in our life? So here are five ways you can connect with your children and not in a technology type of way.

Eva riding a camel at the state fair!

#1. Get outside and go for a walk or swim or ride your bikes, just sitting and watching your kids play outside works, just disconnect from technology.

#2. Play a board game with your kids. I know my kids love to spend time with us playing games even a simple game of Go Fish will do just having that one on one contact makes a huge impact in their lives.

#3. Bake cookies or a tasty treat with your children. I mean who doesn't like a sweet treat.

#4. Have your kids sit and color while you read a story to them.

#5. Learn something new together whether it is learning to knit, taking pictures, learning to draw or paint. Whatever may interest your child, doing a science experiment, etc.

 Ella in a kayak!
The girls feeding butterflies at the fair!

I hope this post will encourage you to have face to face time with your child and help them and you spend less time on technology. Even I am guilty of spending too much time on youtube and the internet researching stuff. Let's unplug and plug into our kids and family!!!Until next time God Bless!


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