Homeschooling Year Round!

Hey Everyone!!!

Todays topic is why we homeschool year round. I know alot of people think I am crazy for doing this but lets discuss why I do it!

First of all I wish we could take the summer off from school it would be great to sleep in, do fun outside activities and go on all kinds of field trips for 3 months. But lets be honest even with just the weekend our kiddos can go brain dead and forget last Fridays subject information. Trust me I know first hand what that is like. 😞 . My kids go totally blank when we take vacation time so this is why we school year round, I like that our schedule never changes and my kids know what to expect 365 days a year. Do they complain about this? Well maybe a little when friends say they have the summer off but for the most part it is just our way of life. This doesn't mean we never take a break of course we take  a week at Thanks giving and two weeks at Christmas off and then whenever we get a chance to camp we take some days off there also. Schooling year round allows more freedom for our family. This is great because when my husband has time off we can take time off and go do something in the middle of the year for vacation.  I don't ever feel guilty for taking a week off here or there because I know we school hard all year long.  So if your curious about  what it might be like to school year round I highly suggest you give it a try ,you might just fall in love with it !  I hope this blog post was helpful and encourages you to try different scheduling with your homeschool if you have any questions leave a comment below and I would love to get back to you .  What does your school year look like?    Until next time God bless !
Field Trip to our State Capitol!

Inside the Capitol!


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