Whole meal in 40 min!!!

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Hey everyone!!!!

I have a treat for you today! Have you ever looked at the clock and realized it was 3pm and wondered what you were going to have for dinner? Did you forget to thaw out some meat the night before? Well, let me just say you are not alone. I have been in the same boat multiple times. That's when you need a Pressure cooker. There are so many pressure cookers on the market today and they basically do the same thing so I highly recommend you get one. I personally have the Power Pressure Cooker XL (as seen on T.V.) I love it, and use it almost every day! So here I am and its 3 o, clock and I am scrambling to cook something for dinner. I look in my freezer and see that I have chicken, then I head to the pantry and see some canned green beans and potatoes. Score!!!! I have a meal. But how to get it all cooked by 4:30 or 5? Well, I will show you.

First, get your pressure cooker all set and ready to go. Then place a metal trivet at the bottom of the cooker and place your chicken in the bottom and season.

Then add 1 cup of water to your pressure cooker. This is what helps cook the chicken!

after that place your steam rack at the top of your cooker.

Now you're ready to work on the green beans and potatoes. I like to make a foil bowl to place my green beans in and then just add some butter and salt and pepper.  I add the potatoes next to the green beans and pierce with a knife. 

Now you're ready to put the lid on your pressure cooker and place it in the lock position. Make sure your steamer is set to seal!
                                                                  The lid on and Locked!

                                                                  Steamer set to seal!
                                                     Press the chicken or meat button!


and adjust the time to 40 min. medium or high cook time!

That's it your all done with dinner it took a few minutes to throw it all in and only 40 min to cook.
There are five in my family but my youngest is a picky eater and won't eat many green beans and my husband will only eat the meat and green beans for a more low carb option. I also serve homemade bread with butter along with my meals to help stretch it a little farther. I hope this inspires you to get a pressure cooker and serve your family a healthy quick meal in a pinch! Comment below and let me know what your favorite, quick pressure cooker meal is. Until next time God Bless!

 Don't forget to add all the fixings for your potatoes!!!!


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