Could you feed your family for 100.00 a month?

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Hey everyone!!

I hope you are all having a wonderful October and getting ready for Halloween. I know we are and my kids are excited to go trick-or-treating. I thought I would ask the question, "If you only had 100.00 for the month could you feed your family ?" The reason I ask this is that as a one-income family I strive to spend as little as I can in my food budget to feed my family I don't do this for fun I do it out of necessity. I will typically spend close to 200 a month on food and toiletries but I know that I could spend less and still make healthy enjoyable meals for my family.  I am always scouring the internet for simple food recipes that I can stretch to feed my family. I have found that butchering a cow and having our freezer full is very cost-effective for our family. That relieves me of having to buy beef in the store. I do however buy chicken so we have a change of pace and don't tire of beef. I am not a fancy cook by any means and I love anything I can throw into one pot and cook especially in my pressure cooker. I highly recommend you invest in one. Anyways I challenge you to look through your freezer and pantry and see what you already have that you could feed your family for one month.  I am talking about breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Only buy the things you need to make simple meals and toiletries you absolutely need. You, my friend, will be amazed that with a little creativity you can live on very little. I would start by cooking from scratch. That in itself will save you tons of money. No more pre-packaged processed foods not only are they expensive but they are filled will all kinds of preservatives. Make it simple, try cooking rice or beans to add to every meal and a simple veggie and a slice of meat. Pasta is a great way to feed a large family and come on who doesn't love pasta!!! Another thing to remember is portion control. Let's get real sometimes we go back for seconds and we really don't need to. And if you do go back for seconds eat the veggies!!! It may sound crazy to some people but we ration our snacks around my house my kiddos have to ask if they can get a snack. I'm not being mean, my little one will literally eat yogurt and fig bars all day if I let her and then not eat her dinner. So by making her a good breakfast, and a simple lunch she will eat her dinner ( no snacking) is the key! Think of our ancestors, they did not have prepackaged foods, they ate from the garden they grew and used simple ingredients like flour, salt, and sugar if they had it and if they were blessed enough to hunt and get something then they would have some meat! If they can do it so can we! I hope this inspires you to simplify your grocery budget and get creative to feed your family. Let me know in the comments below how you save money on food and simple meals that you like to make!
God Bless!!!


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