Five Uses for Lavender Essential Oils!

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor but a mom who loves natural alternatives to helping my family. Please do your research on essential oils and educate yourself. 

Hey everyone!

Boy has it been a busy summer. With summer comes restless nights , bug bites, stress, sunburns etc. Today I wanted to share with all of you how Lavender essential oil has helped my family tremendously. We love our oils almost to the point of obsession! lol. Even my girls are into them and constantly using the oils on there own, its so wonderful to know there is an oil for almost every symptom or mood.  Anyways, lets get to the one essential oil that I use daily and  five ways to use it.


1.  We use lavender for restful sleeping every night. We diffuse it and also use it on our neck and wrists.

2. Bug bites anyone??? Ugh, we get bug bites and bee stings constantly so we put lavender on the bite and it calms the sting and itch immediately.

3. Are you stressed out? Diffuse it or put lavender on the back of your neck to help ease your tension.

4. With all the swimming going on someone is bound to get a sunburn. Well you can use lavender to help with cooling , and healing of a sunburn.

5. Nosebleeds, My son and daughter get nosebleeds all the time so we rub lavender over the bridge of their nose and it helps the bleeding to stop.

There you have it five uses for lavender. There are many other uses for lavender but these are some common things that we use lavender for. I hope this helps and if you are interested in using essential oils or joining my team please contact me by going to my website
God Bless!


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