Why Every Kid Should Have A Pet

As a parent when our kids ask us if they can have a pet we tend to automatically say No! I know I have been guilty of that also. In our minds we think about the time and mess and the cost of feed to keep a pet and how that will affect our day to day lives. But in the long run a pet or pets can teach kids so many things and that is what I want to talk about today.

First of all when a child gets a pet they realize their self worth. They feel important because they now have become a parent of sorts to an adorable animal. When you give a child an animal there are many life lessons they can learn.

# 1. They learn about the the birds and the bees through animal husbandry and watching the birth of babies being born.
# 2. They learn how to care for animals. How to feed, water and clean there habitat.
# 3. They learn how to treat an animal with kindness and not be rough and to respect them.
# 4. They learn how to put something else before themselves teaching them selflessness.
# 5. They learn about Life and Death and how to deal with a loss when they lose an animal.

All of these lessons teach the child responsibility which in the long run will carry over into adult hood. And lets face it isn't that what we all want for our kids. To be responsible, respectable, caring people. I know I do. So that is the reason we have animals and why my house is clean but never spotless. Having animals are a blessing or else God would not have created them. They are here for a purpose, to teach us to love and be loved! So the next time your child asks for a pet maybe think it over before you say NO!


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