Why I Don't Have Facebook!

Disclosure: This is my personally opinion and thoughts about social media if you don't agree then that's ok this is a free country and I am able to voice my thoughts just like everyone else in the world.Read this post at your own discretion or go checkout some of my other posts! Thanks

Look at their life! Wow they get to travel all the time! Their kids get to do a million different sports! Wish I had a new car!............

These are the thoughts that go through most of our minds when we see other people on facebook posting all the glorious things that they are doing and how great their life is! Might I add these thoughts went through my mind as well. That's when the Lord convicted me about my facebook and why I deleted it not just once but twice. You see I was beginning to spend more time on social media wishing I could do what other people were doing.I was getting irritated with people I new and how they would post pictures of there life and make comments about how everything was great and grand. The sad part is I new these people and new there real life and how it was not so great all the time. I would end up spending hours looking through everyones facebook instead of tending to my own life and family. So the Lord convicted me about how I was spending my time. I had to really check my heart and ask God to help me. So I deleted FACEBOOK for ever!!!!! Let me just say that my life is more rich and full of real life happenings and spending time tending to my family and home more. I am not saying Facebook is bad but when your heart is not content with the life you live and your time is taken away from your children and home then Facebook has become a problem. Everything in moderation Right? I am so happy that I do not have a facebook and I don't feel like I am missing out on anything. Instead my days are consumed with keeping my home and homeschooling my children and teaching them how to become responsible adults one day. Maybe there would be a lot less car accidents, shootings, and cyber bullying and a lot of other things if people would just put down their cell phones and tablets and social media and actually live life in stead of wanting someone else's life. Everyday is a blessing from the Lord lets spend is wisely as we are not guaranteed our next breathe. Ask the Lord to help you to be more present in your own life and see the benefits and blessings that come from it. God Bless!


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